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Magic Charlie

Seen by over 1 million kids in the past twenty years!

Speaker and Performer Magic Charlie captivates kids of all ages with his dynamic basketball handling skills and inspirational presentation!

Over the past twenty years Magic Charlie has spoken to over 1 million children across the United States in schools, basketball camps and presentations associated with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Magic Charlie's goal is to speak to another 1 million children in the next five years.

"His skill level with a basketball is incredible but, more importantly, the message he leaves with kids about life transcends basketball." -Matt Wade, Seattle Super Sonics

The Message by Magic Charlie

Presentations by Magic Charlie are special for children. He entertains using his basketball wizardry but delivers an important and inspirational message. Here are some of some of the topics Magic Charlie has spoken about with over 1 million children:

Respecting Yourself and Others

Magic Charlie gives insightful information on why kids don't respect themselves and others around them. And, more importantly, gives them tools for overcoming any insecurities.

Harassment and Bullying

Harassment and bullying is harmful and destructive. Magic Charlie will share with your students why some kids harass or bully, and the presence of the "silent observer". Then, Charlie addresses how to stop being a victim and get back personal power.

Valuing Diversity

Magic Charlie will inspire kids to understand how critical it is to be yourself and feel good about what you believe in. Charlie empowers students to understand the similarities in all of us, as we celebrate our differences.

Feeling Good About Yourself

Feeling good about oneself is often based on the choices one makes and the actions one takes. Magic Charlie explores those choices and actions along with their consequences in the lives of our youth.

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