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Kalass is lead by Chadian guitar player and composer, Ganga Clamoungou. Their sound is influenced by contemporary African and Caribbean rhythms as well as the rich funk, R & B and jazz traditions of America. Instrumentally unconventional, Kalass includes the steel drum and African balafon in an otherwise electric band.

Kalass is comfortable in clubs as well as private parties, conferences, fairs, festivals and wedding receptions. They can easily tailor the menu to suit the tone of your event. In addition to original material, they can include reggae, Afro-Caribbean and R & B standards.

Kalass can perform as a duo up to a sextet. Instrumentation can include guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, balafon, steel drum and percussion.

"Kalass brought our party to life after a long day of meetings. We hired them to get people dancing and laughing, and they delivered. A fantastic band with multi-cultural influences and hypnotizing rhythms from Africa, Brazil, Spain, and Jamaica, Kalass kicked our party into high gear."
- Tom Carpenter, Government Accountability Project

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