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Herb Dixon

Herb Dixon takes everyday life experiences and skews them into epic comedy extravaganzas It's the kind of material everybody can relate to - because it happen to us all every day in our lives. Only with Herb, it's always a lot funnier! A Comedy Sound Impressionist, Herb brings a 3rd dimension of totally realistic sound to his performances. Squealing tires, the sound of helicopter blades and even barking dogs punctuate his energetic story telling.

With Herb's help, you're aboard the Titanic after its encounter with the world's largest ice cube. Complete with shrieks and blasting foghorns, disaster has never been this much fun before! Or take his rendition of a Royal Canadian Mountie-on horseback? In hot pursuit of a dastardly villain, Herb's mountie makes Dudly Do-Right look like a solid member of the constabulary. Of course there's the one special sound bit that Herb has become justly famous for-his fantastic impression of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. The sound is so loud, lifelike and believable, you can almost smell the hot exhaust fumes!

Herb Dixon was born in Vancouver, British Columbia but grew up in the heart of the west, that original cow-town, Calgary, Alberta. As a teenager, he discovered he could make people laugh - really laugh! With his rubber face, his ability to recreate sounds, and his talent to tell an engaging story, it seemed he was destined for a career in comedy. So, in 1979 he began making club audiences laugh as an amateur comic in Vancouver's comedy Clubs.

Twenty Years have passed from the time Herb decided to become an entertainer. All the while, Herb has built and honed his material on his way up the ladder of comedy.

Today, Herb Dixon is one of North America's most sought-after comedy's acts!

From corporate conventions to cruise ships to headline performances with some of today's biggest stars, Herb Dixon finds a way to have fun with every audience. Herb is known as one of the most consistent corporate performers. He adapts his routines depending on the audience's response to his jokes. "I don't tell 'R' rated jokes to a 'G' rated house," Herb explains. "One of my definite strengths is my ability to read an audience."

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