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Extreme Air Show

Dave Valenti's Extreme Air Show!

This team of World Class skiers and snowboarders brings amazing tricks and death defying feats of Big-Air Winter sports to the public at indoor and outdoor events. Crowds are captivated as Extreme Athletes spring from atop the 30ft. high ski jump and fly into the air performing multiple flips, twists, heli/mute grabs and off-axis spins. They land on their feet on a giant stunt man's air bag landing slope.


Dave Valenti - owner, designer and the man who said "If I build it, they will jump." Dave created the Extreme Air Show from the culmination of his 15 years of competitive Freestyle Aerial Ski Jumping and Acrobatic show performances. His achievements as a World Class competitor, including a World Professional Aerial Title, a National Championship Aerial Title and a Bronze Medal at the Freestyle World Championships. Dave is one of the most exciting and dynamic acrobatic ski jump performers on the planet and is one of the few jumpers who can perform a double twisting double back somersault on an artificial ski jump. He toured five continents with the Volvo Ski Show acting as production manager in his final year. Not only is Dave a talented jumper, his professional event organizing and show producing skills will make your event run with ease.

Big Air Display!
Trampoline! 30 foot ski ramp!
Indoor setup!
Technical Requirements: 45ft. diameter round area with a 10ft. x 50ft. leg from the jump. Please ask for specifications. Show provides 600 watt Sound System.

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