The Amazing World of Brad Byers

Brad Byers is known worldwide as a Sword Swallower. He is the World Record holder for swallowing 10 swords at one time and can be found in the Guinness Book of Records. He is the only person on earth who swallows 10 swords, and then twists them in place!

He also swallows curved blades, swords without handles, coat hangers, keyhole saws, and bayonets, all without harming himself! He has proven that he uses real blades by having x-rays taken with the swords in place, and the objects go all with way to his stomach! He even invites television show hosts to actually push the swords down!


Brad Byers also performs as the Human Tool Box, or Human Blockhead. He is listed by Guinness for this routine as well. He also lies on a bed on nails, balances a 100 pound barbell on his chin and performes dozens unbelievable yo-yo tricks.


Has appeared on Guinness "World Record Prime Time" TV show more than any other performer.

-Guest on the David Letterman Show.

-Consultant and Stunt Coordinator for Jonny Depp in Benny and Joon Motion Picture.

-Performer on ABC Special, Wow the Most Awesome Acts on Earth!

- Performer on That's Incredible TV Show.

-TBS Promo for the Special The Incredible Life & Times of Robert Ripley!


Performer at Trump Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City.

-Performer at Harrah's Casino at Lake Tahoe.

-Represented USA in the 1993 International Circus Festival in Verona, Italy.

-Performer at Barnum World of Wonderment and the Bizarre

-Numerous other television appearances around the world.

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